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Zero to 60 in Software Development: How to Jumpstart Your Career

Our industry has a problem. We have a "talent shortage," so we're loading the industry with new developers from various bootcamps, but they're having trouble finding jobs because many companies are unwilling to hire and train them. So these new developers are left to themselves to try and find ways to develop the skills they need to be "marketable."

Kent C. Dodds graduated from college in April 2014, just shy of two years ago. In that time, he's been able to learn a ton, build a bunch of stuff, teach workshops, create egghead screencasts, speak at conferences, and generally contribute quite a bit to the JavaScript community. In this talk, Kent covers some solid principles of things that he's learned in his experience. This will help new-comers to jumpstart their career. And help old-timers know how they can help new-comers.

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