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Navigating React Native Navigation

Talk from React Amsterdam Conference 2017 https://react.amsterdam

Kurtis Kemple, Technology Lead at Major League Soccer

When you start out on React Native project, there is a certain sense of awe as the package manager delivers the first bundle to the simulator. You quickly add some hello world text and maybe even a Pokemon image. Things are really starting to look up…
And then you need to add another view and you realize that you need to navigate somewhere. So you check out the React Native Docs and are quickly greeted by IOSTabBar, Navigation, and NavigationExperimental modules. With so many different options in the core codebase you realize that it’s still a bit of an unsolved problem. Now you’re looking at 3rd party integrations… and you start to wonder, just how should you implement navigation?
This talk will outline the different approaches to navigation available in React Native and in the RN eco-system, and the pro’s and con’s of each solution.