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The GraphQL Ecosystem in 2018

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Talk recording from https://www.meetup.com/React-Open-Source/events/247749282/

Sorry for initial presentation cutoff, we had sound issues first few mins of recording.

# "The GraphQL Ecosystem in 2018" by Nikolas Burk

GraphQL has grown out of its baby shoes and is becoming the new standard for client-server communication. When it was introduced 2 years ago, there merely was any tooling that would help developers using it except for Facebook's reference implementation in JavaScript as well as corresponding middleware for Express so you could embed it in your web server. By now, the situation has changed drastically and a plethora of tools, libraries and services have entered the GraphQL ecosystem, providing great improvements to workflows and overall developer experience. In this talk, Nikolas will give an overview of the most relevant tools that exist in the GraphQL ecosystem today, ensuring you can make the best choices when starting your own GraphQL journey.