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Automating Open Source Project Configuration With Mrm - Artem Sapegin

Talk recording from React Open Source meetup https://www.meetup.com/React-Open-Source/events/245304799/

We use many tools to make our life as open source developers easier: linters, test runners, continuous integration and code coverage services, etc. But maintaining configuration for these tools are far from easy, especially if you have many projects and you want them all to have similar configuration.
We've tried to solve this problem with so called scaffolding tools, like grunt-init or Yeoman generators. But if you want to update existing projects — template-based tools would overwrite a file with a new version and you’ll lose all your customizations.
Mrm, takes a different approach. It works similar to codemods: instead of a template that would overwrite everything, you’re describing in code how to modify config files or create them, if necessary, to achieve the desired state of the file.