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(Almost) Write Once, Run Everywhere with React

Tools for React and React Native are enabling a higher degree (more than 90%) of sharing across platforms (iOS, Android, and web) for most applications, unlocking massive speed gains and maintenance efficiencies for UI development teams. We’ll walk through the process of creating a truly multi-platform Javascript application, from code organization, to build process, to converting components from web-only to become multi-platform.


0:05 - Intro
0:35 - Why is coding so cool?
0:46 - Doing more with less
1:15 - The problem: repetition
2:36 - Organizing your project
3:07 - Write for React Native; Compile on web, for web
3:36 - Component tree: responsibilities
4:58 - Component tree: maximize reuse
6:29 - Attempt to import feature; fix/convert small component
6:20 - Import your features into each target project
7:17 - Common Errors
8:21 - Convert/generalize your feature library: primitives
8:42 - Convert/generalize your feature library: platform extensions
12:11 - Convert/generalize your feature library: platform blocks
12:25 - Most non-view Javascript just works
13:03 - Resulting code sharing
13:55 - Questions



Starter project

Leland Richardson’s talk on React Primitives