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"The web is evolving out of the browser. With the rise of React Native for iOS, and the recently open sourced Android version, universal javascript is now about fully featured experiences across web, mobile devices and soon, it will be also about smart watches, TVs and beyond.
Device fragmentation is about to explode and the need for write-once and run-everywhere is stronger than ever. The ability to maintain a single codebase of components and logic is currently a convenience but soon will be a necessity to keep up with the plethora of devices that our services will be accessed through.
This talk explores these concepts and discusses the foundations of a developing a device-agnostic platform. By checking out various patterns and deployment techniques we are going to see how you can power all your devices by Javascript with confidence. Yes, even your washing machine!"

Mike is a Full-Stack Developer at Man+Moon bringing real-time experience to thousands of people with a help of Javascript.