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Full Stack Serverless GraphQL with React & AWS AppSync w/ Nader Dabit + Ask Me Anything

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Byteconf sits down with Nader Dabit, AWS Developer Advocate, host of React Native Radio, and creator of React Native Training.

00:00 Intro from Kristian
06:30 Live coding - "Full Stack Serverless GraphQL with React & AWS AppSync"
1:13:37 Ask Me Anything with Nader Dabit

AWS has many services that help mobile application developers abstract away complex functionality such as User Authentication, GraphQL APIs, Push Notifications, Storage & more. In this screencast, we'll look at how to leverage powerful AWS services using the Amplify library in a React Native environment.

We'll be taking questions about AWS Amplify, React, and React Native as part of an Ask Me Anything interview, too!