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React 2014 : Andrew Stewart - Reactive Data Management

So, you're building responsive and resilient applications, scaling to deal with an ever expanding firehose of events arriving at your front door. You're filling storage by the terabyte without even trying, and that needs to be resilient, and responsive, and scalable too. So obviously you're storing your data using... well... what? Is there really a single technology that meets all your needs for persistence? And are the 'conventional' technologies really a lost cause?

In this talk Andrew looks at some of the successful - and less successful - strategies for managing high frequency high volume data; at what you can realistically do with the artefacts of 10s of 1000s of transactions per second when you don't have a Facebook scale budget; and at how 'responsive' doesn't just mean servicing new client requests sub-millisecond, but also servicing whole new business models without losing sight of the data you've already accumulated.