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Building global GraphQL API distribution

In iflix we are delivering video on demand to emerging markets on our mission to redefine television for 1 billion people. But it has a lot of technical challenges, one of them being to create a fast, reliable and flexible API which will be accessible from Africa over Middle East to South East Asia.

Imagine the average user having a low budget phone with slow internet connection wanting to watch his favourite TV shows. Of course the video is static and delivered via CDN but what about API which is crucial for smooth content navigation. And imagine that your closest datacenter reachable from Africa is in Frankfurt. There are tons of network and distribution issues that we needed to solve to bring fast user experience. I will talk about our approach and what we learned on the way to solve this.


Jakub is from Prague and computers are his passion from early age. For three years he worked as a System Engineer and built large server rooms and got experience with networking and infrastructure. Later he started to focus more on application development mostly backend services, APIs and overall system architecture. Over the years he has build multiple large scale rest APIs and some GraphQL based as well. Currently he works as a Senior Software Engineer and leads a project with new GraphQL API Gateway in iflix. Where he is solving a lot of interesting issues and where he can benefit from combined knowledge and experience with networking, software architecture patterns and API design.

GraphQL Europe: https://graphql-europe.org