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Isomorphic React.js with PHP server-side rendering

Learn how to develop isomorphic React.js applications using a PHP backend. This tutorial is especially handy for those developing React.js apps wanting to do server-side rendering, but without using Node.js or Express.js.

What you'll want to do is:

1. Install V8Js PHP extension
2. Make sure your React app takes its initial input as props
3. Set up a router that uses HTML5's window.history.pushState()
4. Redirect all PHP traffic within your application so it all goes through a single entry point (front controller pattern)
5. Fetch the data needed for a given route
6. Render your React components in PHP using V8Js and React's renderToString()
7. Render your component's bootstrap using the server-fetched data

Source code: https://github.com/formigone/easylearntutorial/tree/master/react-js/server-rendering-php

V8Js: https://github.com/phpv8/v8js

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