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Advanced Webpack

There’s no question that WebPack has gained a lot of popularity as a bundling solution. It’s ability to bundle, and through plugins, transpile/compile so many different types of assets sets it apart from other bundling solutions.

To get started is easy, but to build an entire website or web app can get to be a challenge with all the different loaders and plugins each requiring different configurations.WebPack offers developers a single system that can do the job of many other task runners and bundlers in one. Because of it’s large ecosystem of plugins and loaders you can simply do many things with it. It’s only downfall is that it can be difficult to build a large site or app because of its flexibility and vastness.

This talk will help WebPackers on their journey of:

* Bundling many different types of assets including JS, CSS, CSS, Images, Fonts, JSX, etc
* Utilizing plugins for things like minification and optimization
* Understanding how you can use WebPack’s CLI alone without any other task runners
* Future proofing their code with ES6 by using the Babel loader