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How TypeScript Ruined My Life (In a Good Way)

TypeScript has totally changed the way I treat software development and I want to encourage others to give some kind of typed JavaScript a try. While my talk will largely focus on TypeScript (since it is the flavor I am most familiar with), I want to focus largely on the general benefits of type systems and the dev tools that are being built around them.

I plan to speak elaborate on the following topics during my talk:
* A brief introduction to TypeScript
- Why would anyone want types in JavaScript?
* Does TypeScript play well with React?
- How defining types helps keep component APIs clear and manageable
* How TypeScript helps us scale front-end development at Shopify
- An explanation of testing and CI benefits
- An explanation of great dev tooling
* Alternatives to TypeScript
- A brief note about the "dark side" of TypeScript (missing definitions, some increased toil, etc)