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Artsy Q&A - Artsy x React Native 2018

An hour and a half of moderated, and audience questions to the Artsy engineers responsible and using React Native. Questions + timecode are below:

What type of Apps is React Native a good fit for? 00:01:00

What type of Apps is React Native a bad fit for? 00:01:46

What are your thoughts on Android support? 00:03:25

Is React Native useful enough to be useful when only supporting one platform? 00:04:50

How does React Native compare for performance, how do you debug, and find performance problems? 00:08:14

How do you handle the tension around React Native's lack of a general roadmap? 00:13:07

How do we get people to think with React Native first? 00:15:25

One of the big hype features for React Native is live deployment of JavaScript, do you use it? 00:19:45

Have you had any issues with App Review from Apple? 00:23:11

Do you think that Apple will change something that could make React Native not work? 00:24:55

You talk about de-siloing engineers, but different projects need different constraints like deployment for this cause tension within the engineering group? 00:27:16

What is the biggest cultural issue we had in introducing React Native, and how did we resolve it? 00:32:22

Does de-siloing engineers de-skill them? 00:36:24

How would you try out React Native in a small way inside an existing app? 00:40:20

Can I use Swift with React Native? 00:42:59

Why didn't Swift solve your problems? 00:44:17

What resources would you recommend for learning React Native? 00:47:26

Audience Questions

How did you come to the conclusion that native should handle domains like navigation? 00:49:47

What are the value of types in JavaScript? 00:51:18

Is a new view by default React Native in the Artsy app? 00:55:24

Is there an effective way to debug in JS/iOS/Android at the same time? 00:57:23

Is there a point where the component library abstraction starts to not pay-off? 00:59:26

Are you recommending that if you can't truly own your dependencies you should not be using tools like React Native? 01:02:32]

Do you see the same ownership and de-siloing on the platform side? 01:05:57

Would our setup be different with a more complex app? e.g more offline state 01:09:09

If you could fix one serious issue with React Native, what would you do? 01:13:47

What should you be mindful of, technically, when using React Native? 01:15:20