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Testing Q&A: You ask, I answer.

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This is wide open! For ~15 minutes I'm all ears! Let's talk testing!

Table of contents (Thanks to Andrew Luca!):

2:15 What is acceptable time to execute 1000 spec testing?
3:53 How can tell what to testin a reactjs app?
6:10 Reviewing tests in code review
8:07 How to test React components that use redux for state?
10:10 Duplicated code (recommend to see `Page Object Model` and `Object Repository` for testing)
14:30 How to end-to-end tests?
14:51 How to make sure tests are covering all edge cases?
16:15 How to test really database heavy code (repo pattern, mocks, in-memory DB)?
17:15 How to select button using react-testing-library?
19:02 Should Code or Tests be write first?
21:55 jQuery based legacy code base testing
22:34 Find the line between unit and e2e testing
29:14 Recommended testing tools
30:13 e2e with cypress or unit/integration having limited resources
32:10 KCD tutorials on testing backend code
34:12 Strip attributes in production
36:26 KCD new course preview
40:14 Why is testing important / What is testing?
41:22 Usefull testign in a live project
45:52 Node testing
47:37 How to start a test culture where you work
48:46 XSS/CSRF Testing
50:51 How to unlock a door with a LEGO :)
51:09 Testing DOM Nodes vs Rendered React Components
52:36 Mocha + Chai vs Jest (performance)
55:55 API Testing vs sufficient e2e coverage
57:58 When new course will be available?
1:01:35 Test Data Builder Pattern
1:03:13 Does KCD react-native?
1:04:45 Shoul I Mock react-select suggestion dropdown
1:05:12 Kent Beck about Testing Trophy
1:05:58 What was before Cypress?
1:06:13 Bug reproducing tests
1:06:34 Selenium Grid via Kubernetes
1:07:58 Questions on designing a set of tests for a feature
1:08:58 Benefit from KCD new course even without using React
1:11:07 Hardest test ever written
1:12:35 Entire team defining acceptance tests before development starts
1:14:08 BDD Style Given/When/Then (Cucumber)
1:16:09 Why react-testing-library over jest + enzyme?