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ECMAScript, TC39, and the History of JavaScript

This is a video from TylerMcGinnis.com's "Modern JavaScript" course - https://tylermcginnis.com/courses/modern-javascript

JavaScript's quirky history aligns nicely with some of its quirky features. In this video we'll start off with Mark Andreessen and Brendan Eich in the early days of Netscape Navigator. We'll then look at the motives for attempting to add "Scheme to the browser" and ending up with Mocha(JavaScript) being created in 10 days. We'll look at the benefits of standardizing JavaScript with Ecma International and how that lead to the Ecma-262 standard and the TC-39 committee. From there we'll look at the steps needed for an idea to become part of the official EcmaScript specification. Lastly, we'll hear from TC-39 delegate Kent C. Dodds on what a typical TC-39 meeting looks like.