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Lightning Talks - Going native with Este.js

Este.js is the most complete React/Flux dev stack. The perfect cure for developers already tired with mainstream frameworks like Angular or Ember.

It ships with lots of goodies including immutable single app state, top-down data passing and intl translations out of the box! So let's use all these features to start building native apps!

In this lightning he is walking you through the process of transitioning Este.js dev stack to the native world outlining the most common problems and pitfalls we needed to face, including:
- Project setup - preparing the native application ecosystem and reorganising the folder structure
- Migration - moving the codebase to React Native, deciding what files can be just dropped in and what needs to be rewritten
- Styles - replacing stylesheets and mixins with StyleSheet showing good-to-use patterns we can use to make it all maintainable
- Routing - handling lack of the React Router with custom navigation on top of Navigator