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Victory.js - A powerful data visualization library for ReactJS

We tried swapped out D3's DOM model in favor of React. The result? Love at first iteration. Building a data visualization library as React components means that you can reclaim your SVG as declarative markup, NPM install visualizations directly into your project (can't do that with bl.ocks!), fork them, remix them and file issues against them. It also meant completely rethinking how animations are done, since D3's animation model relies on its DOM model. Come learn the API, and what it means for the future of interactive data visualization.

Colin Megill
Founder of Seattle based startup pol.is, Senior Front End Developer at Formidable Labs. He has architected and built client side applications for some of the largest brands in the world. Teaches in a series of in depth talks on ReactJS given at Facebook Seattle. Colin's primary focus is UI design, product design and information architecture.