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React 2014 : Todd L Montgomery - Event-Driven, The Only Way (It's Gonna) Fly!

Todd's great talk about the need to embrace asynchrony.

The world operates in real time. Anything else is an illusion. Events happen all around us, that is why they are "events". The days when we can look at synchronous method calls as the only interaction model have been dead for a while. We just never wanted to fully admit it. Well, it's beyond time to embrace asynchrony. We've been doing it all along anyway with protocols and networking! Let's (re)learn all the lessons from those guys! How did protocols evolve from request/reply, such as HTTP, to more asynchronous protocols, such as WebSocket? What are best practices (and things to avoid) for making applications asynchronous and event driven? How do architectures change when asynchrony is the new normal? What is this loose coupling and why is it good?