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Frontend Tech Talk @ Airbnb

Hybrid React Native Apps
Leland Richardson, Software Engineer at Airbnb
React Native is a powerful new way to develop mobile apps. It is somewhat daunting, however, to figure out how to introduce React Native into a large existing iOS and Android code base, especially at an organization with existing teams of mobile engineers with little to no JavaScript or React background. Can React Native work for companies in this situation? Leland will talk about how Airbnb got over these hurdles and what you can do to do the same.
Leland is a Software Engineer at Airbnb working on React and React Native. He is interested in finding elegant solutions to difficult problems. Passionate educator and simplifier.

Picking Dates @Airbnb: A Journey though Time
Maja Wichrowska, Software Engineer at Airbnb
Datepickers are ubiquitous. Practically every website out there has some way for users to select dates for travel, birthdays, meeting dates, and so on. While everyone is familiar with the process from a user perspective, less well known are the challenges in building an internationalized, accessible, developer-friendly module that integrates well into an existing heterogenous codebase. This is the story of the Airbnb datepicker and how far we still have to go.
Maja is a Software Engineer at Airbnb working on the Web Infrastructure team. She has been focusing most of her energy on building modular, reusable React components and digging deep into the gnarliest of legacy code. Before Airbnb, she was traveling the world, interning at a handful of tech companies, and studying at MIT.

Server-rendering your React components in Rails
Josh Perez, Software Engineer at Airbnb
Now this is the story all about how server-rendering at Airbnb got flipped turned upside down.
I'd like to take 15 minutes, just sit right there.
I'll tell you how this new service became a critical part of our infrastructure.
Josh is a Software Engineer on the Web Infrastructure team at Airbnb where he gets to play
with React all day. He's the one to blame for Hypernova.

Unraveling Navigation in React Native
Adam Miskiewicz, Software Engineer at Exponent
Navigation in a mobile app is not typically as simple as navigation in the browser. On the web, we typically have a single history stack. But on mobile, navigation can be deeply nested, and is directly tied into the fabric of almost every mobile app, and even into the gestures and animations. I'll discuss the current state of the world of navigation in React Native, and demo a new solution that we've built at Exponent that can unravel the complexity of building an app with complex navigation.
Adam Miskiewicz is a software engineer at Exponent and is obsessively focused on making it easier to do mobile development with JavaScript.