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Work and play in React Native Playground

If you’re like me, coming from web development, you find traditional mobile development slow and difficult to learn hands-on without a lot of guesswork, headaches and patience. Above all, things just move slower.
The React Native Playground breaks down barriers to mobile development by making it speedy and trivial to write and test React Native code across platforms and devices. I want to share my experience working with an amazing team on this free resource.
First, I'll give a quick tour of what's possible with the Playground, showing off some of React Native itself.
We’ll see how React Native’s unique architecture made this project possible, revealing some interesting details of its inner workings. For example, how we're serving React Native javascript code over the web, and how we can load an application from inside another one.
Finally, I want to briefly discuss how working on project like this, which help developers learn faster, can be fun, rewarding and an antidote to programmer fatigue.

Joshua is React Native Playground and Rails/DevOps guy. Plays flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain, while working on a React Native development platform.