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HTML5Devconf: Matt Debergalis "New Meteor Platform: a single reactive JavaScript codebase Solution"

Matt Debergalis - The new Meteor platform: web and native mobile from a single reactive JavaScript codebase

Top-shelf applications in 2014 have come a long way from their roots in the page-based web. The best apps use modals, popups, transitions, notifications, and other modern interface elements. They let users collaborate in realtime with each other without any awkward refreshes or delays. Most importantly they run everywhere: installed as an app on any device or used in the browser.

How can teams committed to HTML5 build all of this, and quickly? Server-based frameworks like Rails or Express weren't designed to run on the client. You can extend them with front-end technologies like Angular and React, but before you write a line of product code you need to design a realtime protocol to connect everything together (so long, interoperability!); figure out a way to securely cache data in each client to get the performance you need; and put together a build system that lets you continuously push new code to every web and device platform without interrupting your users.

Meteor is a new open source platform that makes all of this much easier by reimagining the whole stack instead of being locked in to the old way of thinking. It comes with an integrated set of key next-generation technologies such as full-stack reactivity, isomorphic APIs, and a super slick integration with the PhoneGap and NPM package ecosystems -- all the building blocks you need to build a modern app, and all release engineered and professionally maintained so it's totally ready to go for you.

In this talk I'll convince you why it's time for a new stack and show you how ridiculously easy it makes building great mobile and web applications.

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