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React Native: Zero to DevOps

React Native: Zero to DevOps by Ram Narasimhan of Microsoft Open Technologies

React Native brought the web’s enviable development patterns to mobile, without needing to sacrifice native UI. Code Push for React Native brings web like release agility to mobile apps by enabling developers to update apps instantly. This talk will cover the next iteration of Code Push and how it fits into a complete suite of DevOps services built for called Mobile Center, built for React Native. We will look at the end to end workflow - from a single commit on github triggering continuous builds and tests, to the final, signed app distributed to testers, clients or end users. From monitoring services like JavaScript enabled crashes to understanding user behavior with analytics, we will look at ways to get better mobile apps to your users. We will look at the internals of Mobile Center to use with your existing toolchain, other services that are planned as a part of the suite, and integration with popular community tools and services.