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Realtime GraphQL from the Trenches

We can learn a lot from organizations such as Facebook and Apollo in terms of how to work with Realtime GraphQL but how does it work for most of us? What can we learn from a product company iterating fast on new features at scale? And perhaps most importantly, did GraphQL work for Mainframe opposed to going with some other technology?

Taz will provide an overview of Mainframe’s client-side stack and how they’ve tackled cyclic data requirements while ensuring that events from the server aren’t dropped while the subscription is being set up, in addition to the Erlang based server-side stack and how it is optimized for often repeated fragment fetching while handling a large volume of subscriptions at scale.


Taz is a software architect with over 15 years of experience in various aspects of computing. He's originally from Toronto where he organized Toronto JavaScript, one of the largest developer communities in North America, in addition to founding two startups and working with many others. He recently moved to London and has been working in the React and Elixir ecosystems. When he’s not tinkering with a computer, he can be found with his car at the local race track or rock climbing gym.

GraphQL-Europe: https://graphql-europe.org